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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Shop-Renters Info on Good & Bad Rents Group :D
Hej All thes is LULUs (Shop-Renters Info on Good & Bad Rents Group :D )

This is a Group for all u Lovely Shops & Friends out there, to share INFO on
Good & Bad Rents.
Stuff like heej All I just Rented a Shop here Prims XX Ls XX i rented for XX weeks I let u all
now if I make my Ls back :D and add info on what items u ar selling in u,r shop to, so that
others can compare to their shop :)

And Warn People About Rude and Bad Renters to, But in a civil and just Manner Plies ;D
and of course add Comments to the info given by others if u think its incorrect or unjust :)

Kiss Kiss to u all u,r LULU :D

Group Join Link:


Copy Past to Local Chat in SL :D

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