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lørdag den 19. november 2016

LULUs Snow Maker *<[]:D ( 1P )( C&M ) No(T)

Hey this is my Snow Maker  *<[]:D
This is a inadvisable Prim wit Particles Snow :D
Se the Product Video on YouTube
it looks nice as part off your Sim,s/Home,s Garden/landscape/Woods :D
u can see this on my sim at Winter Time and in My Main Shop
And it is only 126Ls if u buy it in my Main shop ;D
come visit my shops in SL Here you will often find stuff that’s not on MP yet ;) ☆
See my Last Shop update on my Blog or SL Profile :D

LULU Designs Product: Features -------------------------------------------------------
1 LULUs Snow Maker  *<[]:D, copy ✔ - mod ✔ - trans ✖
   ( Ps the Script is , copy ✔ - mod ✖ - trans ✖ )

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custom House/Shop/Sim Designs
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