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mandag den 14. september 2015


Hey this is my MESH Winter Hanging Tree
This Mesh Tree is only 3 Prims
And it is mesh so the Prims size depends on the size u make the mesh ;)
+ u can link X number of Prims to it and save Prims :)
it looks nice over a passage way or on the side off a cliff :)
u can see this MESH Tree in My Main Shop and in the LUNA Garden
And it is only 169Ls if u buy it in my Main shop ;D
come visit my shops in SL
Here you will often find stuff that’s not on MP yet ;) ☆
See my Last Shop update on my Blog or SL Profile :D
LULU Designs Product: Features
1 MESH Winter Hanging Tree, copy ✔ - mod ✔ - trans ✖
1 LULU's INFO Notecard, copy ✔ - mod ✔ - trans ✔

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