LULUs Designs is A SL = Second Life, Design Shop, I Design Fashion Clothing / Dresses / Shoes / High Heels / Shops & otter Buildings / Art / Vinyl Figurine / Teddy / Handbags & Shoulder Bags / Cars / Bicycles / Electronics like My LMP6, and a lot of otter stuff as I learn more and more in SL ;)

søndag den 5. april 2015

Happy Easter Hunt 2015 :D in LUNA :D

Heej all and Happy Easter :D
THE 4/4 to THE  12/4
in the LUNA Garden me and otters shops have hidden a lot Ages for u :D
 you find the LUNA Garden over the LUNA MALL :D
We have 26+ Ages/Gift hiden for u :D
Shops in it sow far is:

♥ LULU Designs whit 9 Gifts 
♥ Lovely whit 3 Gifts
♥ Le petit atelier 1 Gift

♥ NILSY 6 Gifts
Gifts sow far :D

LULUs Olde Sun Skateboard ( 4 animations )V6
its fun and you can us it on all SIMs
4 Animations
2 skateboard tricks
LULUs old Wood Tuborg Beer Mesh Box :D
u git 2V
on to sit on and on to us for Decorations :D
7 Animations


you find the LUNA Garden over the LUNA MALL :D
Have Fun u all ;D kiss kiss

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