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fredag den 12. december 2014

 `*•.¸♥ LUNA Winter Marked & Hunt  ♥¸.•*´
from the 12 December to the 31 December
`*•.¸♥ SL Harbor La Luna Bay City ♥¸.•*´
We wot like to invade all you Shops & Shoppers & Hunters to aver first 
`*•.¸♥ LUNA Winter Marked & Hunt  ♥¸.•*´


For all u Shoppers we have nice Small Christmas Kiosks all over the City *<[]:D
+ awer many Big Shops in the City *<[]:D
for all u Hunters we have Nice Gifts all over the City and in the Garden for you
Sow com find them all *<[]:D

you ar locking for Small Harts  *<[];D
                And for all u Shops if u wont to be part off the hunt hear and
                git a Christmas Kiosksher then se this:

                ♥ 1 Christmas Kiosks
                ♥ 10Prims
                ♥ 16Ls a Week

 Merry Christmas! to u All *<[]:D

LINK: *<[]:D

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