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torsdag den 17. april 2014

LULUs TV KILLs Snowboard set
(: NOW ON MP :)
Hej this is my TV KILLs Snowboard set
With my (: LULU's Nail Hud System :)
Read farther Down about The Nail Hud System

This is maybe my Coolest Funniest - Kawaii Noir = dark cute, Texture ever on
1 of my sets omg I love it :D

This Set has a real working Snowboard that looks and acts and sounds like a RL Snowboard :D
just wear the Snowboard boots (L&R)
and Rez the Snowboard on a Snowboard SIM :D its rely (really) fun :D

you can find the newest Snowboard SIMs LMs updates on my Blog
LULUs Snow & ICE

My MESH LULU's TV Kills Blazer & T-shirt comes in ( Size XS, S, M, L, XL )
the Blazer is a nice Strong Fabric in Black and Dark Strips and Black Buttons :D
the T-Shirt has the nice TV KILLs, Kawaii Noir Stilled Texture on it :D
over my long Black and white warm sweater dress)

(: 12 Nails Textures, See Pic :)

My LULU's TV KILLs Wrist Watch for ( Lift Hand )
it’s a real watch that keeps RL SL Time :D
Hour/Minute/Second Hand All move in SL time
* It also glows when you have Night time on.
* It is Pure Silver

And my Spiked armbands in DARK Silver and Silver

+ my LULUs Black STAR FaceTatToo in 3V

It also comes with my High Quality & low Cut tight fitted Jeans (Route 66 ) TV KILLs )
Comes in Versions
with 2 Cuffs, ( L&R ) ( Size S & M )
And 1 pair of Black Socks

over them u wear my Black and white worm (warm) Mesh Legwarmers that matches my sweater dress

And 1 Pair of my LULUs TV KILLs Star All Fairy TV kills Snowboard boots (L&R)
They have high Quality Details & Texsturs,
and it also have my TV KILLs, Kawaii Noir Stilde Texstur on it Costume fitted to the thick Fabric of the show and looks riley nice :D

+ som rily (really) nice Mesh Snowboard Goggles

and my Really warm Mesh Knitted Cowl Scarf

INFO on (: LULUs Nail Hud System :)
All girls that have tried fitting nails before knows what a pain in the butt it is to fit nails and refit every time you get new ones.

That’s why I made the LULUs Nail Hud System :D
So once you fit these nails, you never have to do it again.

Just wear them with any new Nail set you received from me, wear the new Nail Hud and Click
The Nail-Texture you want , it will put it on the nails
and shoes with nails, that you have on ;D
The LULUs Nail Hud System also works on the nails on the Shoes on all my Shoes with Nails on them from otter Sets ;D

This sets Value =
= 793Ls omg lol and its only “ 469Ls “ OMG I am Crazy lol
and if u by it in my Shops
its only “ 369Ls ” omg u save 100Ls + the ton off Ls you alrety saved on this…
hihi yes I am Crazy omg…

This is available as single set + the LULUs TV KILLs Skateboard & Snowboard/Sandboard :D

Sandboard? Se link Vidos:



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