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torsdag den 17. april 2014

(: LULUs Bunny Sweater set :)
(: NOW ON MP :)

Omg I am in Love with this my newest Bunny Sweater Dress with its Long fluffy Sleeve :D

When you work the Sleeves bounce around like they would in RL O M G I love this :D

I always wanted to make a sweater with long sleeves that looked real and now I finally managed to make one :D lol I nit to make more ;D

it has High Quality Textures :D
And The Bunny Sweater dress is MESH with flexible Sleeves that moves wen u move :)

+ a pair of really nice Bunny Ears
And a Cut Flexible bunny Tail in Sizes S & M,
it moves wen u move or wen a gentle Bree's Plays with it and makes it look even more cute and fluffy hihi :D

And it comes with a pair of hot Black MESH High heels & Legwarmers in 1 Pic

+ LULUs Sexy Sound AO
Makes Sexy High heels Working Sound wen u work (walk) and stop and Run :D

I also got a Supper Cute Bunny Teddy for this set
it has 2 Hold animations so u can really cuddle it :D
and it Plays a cute song, 1 in english or 1 in Germen,
It uses my LMP6 technology to Play it :D
and u can turn it on or off by simply clicking it :D

I hope you enjoy this set I made just as much as I do :D

come visit my shops in SL
Here you will often find stuff that’s not on MP yet ;)

Se me Last Shop update on my Blog or SL Profile :D

LULU Designs Product: Features
1 LULUs ( MESH ) Bunny Sweater ( Size XS S M L XL )
2 LULUs Bunny Sweater Sleeve ( Flexible )(L&R)
1 LULUs Bunny Ears
1 LULUs Easter Bunny Tail ( Flexible )( Size S & M )
1Pr LULUs ( MESH ) Leg Warmers - High Heels ( Size XS S M L XL )
1 LULUs sexy sound AO
2V Cut Bunny Teddy (2 Hold animations ) (: Plays cut song :) click on/off :)
1 LULUs NoteCard ( info on Edit ) copy
- mod - trans
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kisees have fun ;D

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