LULUs Designs is A SL = Second Life, Design Shop, I Design Fashion Clothing / Dresses / Shoes / High Heels / Shops & otter Buildings / Art / Vinyl Figurine / Teddy / Handbags & Shoulder Bags / Cars / Bicycles / Electronics like My LMP6, and a lot of otter stuff as I learn more and more in SL ;)

mandag den 24. marts 2014

Hay all finely got a main Shop agene jaayy
I added Prims and billed my oven Shop :D
got almus all my stuff in this shop now :D

+ I made a little Garden on the top :)
sow hop u com hang awed :D

oowwhh and got 2 MM Boards to ;D
only 16 Hits needed on them  



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