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torsdag den 16. januar 2014

Second Life Jobs

Hej all I Stated a new Blog ( Second Life Jobs )

The Blog is a SL = Second Life JOBs List for all SL,
Nit to make some Ls to support u,r SL lifestyles then this is the Blog for u
or if u nit to higher People to ron your Club/Mall/Sim then we while
add for you, 1 ADD 0nly 100Ls No Time Limit :D



* 1 Job ADD = 100Ls No Time Limit  

* 5 Job ADD = 400Ls No Time Limit

Sent me a IM & Notecard whit the Jeb INFO and any PIC,s & LMs & YouTube Video ADDs u wont on it :D

Don’t Pay me any Ls before u talk to me in a IM ;)

LULU lulu6kat

Blog Link:

Kiss Kiss u all from u,r LULU


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