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torsdag den 5. december 2013

LULUs ANGEL Dres (: Black :) ✿

Hej this is my ANGEL set ☆
With my brand-new (: LULUs Nail Hud System :)
Read farther Down about The Nail Hud System

(: 12 Nails Textures, See Pic :)
The ANGEL set comes with my cute AngelWings :)
A Nice Short and Sexy mini Dress with nice Waist Belt with a Cool Golden Designer Belt Buckle The Belt Buckle is 90% Pure Gold.
Included with this is my Nice ANGEL Symbol Necklace
and my lovely Jewelry wristband with 16 heart shape joining links all in 90% Pure Gold and Glittering in the sun :D from it hangs my Angel Symbol :D
“AND” you also get my F-Off SunGlasses Weapon it shoot any AVI up up uuupp into the sky :D LOL
But Please read the Rules Note Card before using them Regarding LL rules on this :)
The F-Off SunGlasses also comes with a color changing menu for the Glass :)
And my HOT ANGEL High Heel with a Hud for Skin Color in all the skin tones that you will need, as well as the sexy sound AO :D
It Makes Sexy High heel Walking Sound when you walk and stop and Run :D
The LULUs Nail Hud System also works on the nails on the Shoes as on any off my Shoes with Nails on them ;D
INFO on (: LULUs Nail Hud System :)
All girls that have tried fitting nails before knows what a pain in the butt it is to fit nails and refit every time you get new ones.
That’s why I made the LULUs Nail Hud System :D
So once you fit these nails, you never have to do it again.

Just wear them with any new Nail set you received from me, wear the new Nail Hud and Click
The Nail-Texture you want , it will put it on the nails and shoes with nails, that you have on ;D
This is only 269Ls in my Shop so come visit my shop in SL
Here you will often find stuff that’s not on MP yet ;) ☆
And if u want to see pictures from my Photo shoot u can see them here :D
Link: HTTP://
LULU Designs Product: Features
1 LULUs Sexy ANGEL mini Dress
1 LULUs mini Dress Bottom pies. copy ✔ - mod ✔ - trans ✖
1 LULUs ANGEL Designer Waist Belt. copy ✔ - mod ✔ - trans ✖
1Pr LULUs Angel Wings
1 LULUs F-Off SunGlasses ( Weapon )
1 LULUs ANGEL Symbol Necklace
1 LULUs ANGEL Symbol Jewelry
1Pr LULUs ANGEL Nails (L&R) copy ✔ - mod ✔ - trans ✖
1 LULUs ANGEL Nails HUD ( 12 Nails Textures )
1Pr LULUs Hot ANGEL High Heel (L&R) 2 sizes
1 LULUs sexy sound AO
2 LULUs NoteCard ( info & Edit ) copy ✔ - mod ✔ - trans ✔
1 Pic, LULUs Tool INFO
LULU Designs
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