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lørdag den 16. november 2013

LULUs Angel Bunny Teddy Bag :D
Hej :) This is my Angel Bunny Teddy Bag
its super Cute :D
It has a long thin shoulder Strap and a Zipper with a Flexible texture-handle, waves when you move or the wind blows :D
and the Zipper is 90% Pure Gold :D
The Angel Bunny Teddy Bag is made so it will fit you easy with only minor Adjustment’s :)
This is only $69Ls in my Shop so come visit my shop in SL
Here you will often find things that I have not put on MP yet ;)
--- And ----
If you love this or just Bunnies take a look at my Super Cute Sad Bunny set ☆
You might already know my Cute Sad Bunny Bag from the Blog (: SL-ICIOUS :)
--- And ----
If you like what my Model is wearing it’s from my LULUs VI TIME set :)

    LULU Designs Product: Features
    1 LULUs Angel Bunny Teddy Bag 2 copy ✔ - mod ✖ - trans ✖
    Wearing:                 LULUs VI Time set :D                              

                     Have fun kiss kiss u,rs LULU :D

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