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onsdag den 25. september 2013


Hej :) this is my SuperCut Sad Bunny set ☆
You might already know my Cut Sad Bunny Bag from the Blog (: SL-ICIOUS :)
Now the set is finally done and I finally got me a new model :D sorry it took me so long to get on/in MP/Shops now a lot of you have been asking me for it :)

The Sad Bunny Bag has the shape of the Bunny and a long Strap with shoulder pad, white Golden Rings and zipper with a Flexible texture-handle, waves when you move or the wind blows :D
(This, of course, also Comes with my brand-new (: LULUs Nail Hud System :)
All girls that have tried fitting nails before know what a pain in the butt it is to fit nails and then refit every time you get new ones.
That’s why I made the LULUs Nail Hud System :D So once you fit these nails, you never have to do it again.
Just wear them with any new Nail set you receive from me and wear the new Nail Hud and Click
the Nail-Texture you want and it will put it on the nails and the shoes with nails you have on ;D )
And my hot Pink Star HigHeels with a hud for Skin Color in all the skin tones you will need,
and the sexy sound AO :D it makes Sexy HigHeels sound when you work, run, and stop :D
My Sad Bunny Blues, Gray & white, with the Sad Bunny on the Back and on Glows.
And my Cut, Sad Bunny T-Shirt in Black with the Sad Bunny on the front, made to go over the Blues or be worn on it often :)
And my High Quality Lovely Sad Bunny Star Leggings
This is only $226Ls in my Shop so come visit my shop in SL
Here you well often find stuff that’s not on MP jet ;) ☆
LULU Designs Product: Features
1 LULUs Sad Bunny Star Leggings
1 LULUs Sad Bunny Blues
1 LULUs Sad Bony Gloves
1 LULUs Sad Bunny T-Shirt
1 LULUs Sad Bunny Bag
1 Pair LULUs Sad Bunny Nails (L&R) copy ✔ - mod ✔ - trans ✖
1 LULUs Sad Bunny Nails HUD
1 Pair LULUs Pink Star HigHeels (L&R)
1 LULUs Star Skin HUD
1 LULUs sexy sound AO
1 LULUs NoteCard ( info on Edit ) copy ✔ - mod ✔ - trans ✔
1 Pic, LULUs Tool INFO

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