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torsdag den 26. september 2013


Hej this is my VI TIME set ☆
With my brand-new (: LULUs Nail Hud System :)

All girls that have tried fitting nails before knows what a pain in the butt it is to fit nails and refit every time you get new ones.

That’s why I made the LULUs Nail Hud System :D
So once you fit these nails, you never have to do it again.
Just wear them with any new Nail set you received from me, wear the new Nail Hud and Click
the Nail-Texture you want , it will put it on the nails and shoes with nails, that you have on ;D

(: 8 Nails Textures, See Pic :)

MY (LULUs Necklace Pocket Watch, VI Tim )
it’s a real watch that keeps SL Time :D
Hour/Minute/Second Hand All move in SL time 
* It also glows when you have Night time on.
* It is 90% Pure Gold

And my 2 Spiked armbands in DARK Silver and 90% Pure Gold
It also comes with a REALLY NICE and High Quality Gray Top with 'VI Tim LOGO' but Why is it Upside down ???... ;P hihihi LOL

And my HOT “VI TIM ( MESH )” Studded High Heel Boots with the sexy sound AO :D
It Makes Sexy High heels Working Sound wen u work and stop and Run :D

It also comes with my High Quality & low Cut tight fitted Jeans (Rout 66 ) VI VI Jeans)
Comes in 2 Versions
1 with 2 Cuffs, & 1 with trumpet ends.
And 1 pair of Black Socks

LULU Designs Product: Features
1 VI Tim Top
1 LULUs Necklace pocket watch, VI Tim (ON SL TIM)
2V LULUs VI Tim ArmBand – (L&R)
1Pr LULUs ROUTE 66 Jeans CUFF – (L&R)
1Pr LULUs ROUTE 66 ( Black Socks )
1Pr LULUs VI Nails (L&R) copy ✔ - mod ✔ - trans ✖
1 LULUs VI Tim Nails HUD ( 8 Nails Textures )
1Pr LULUs VI Tim ( MESH ) Studded High Heel Boots (L&R)
1 LULUs sexy sound AO
1 LULUs NoteCard ( info on Edit ) copy ✔ - mod ✔ - trans ✔
1 Pic, LULUs Tool INFO

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