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onsdag den 10. juli 2013

LULUs Black & Whit SweaterDries ✿

    Haj all :D LULU Designs is Prut to Present This High Quality Black & White SweaterDries
    it got a High Dealt Sculpted flexible Zipper in the Back with flexible String that moves wen
    u move :)
    And it comes with a Per of High Dealt Sculpted Higheels with Legwarmers with buttons & flexible
   String in the back that moves wen u move :)
   + LULUs Sexy Sound AO
   Makes Sexy High heels Working Sound wen u work and stop and Run :D
  Com Visit my shop in SL 

  Her you well often fined stuff that’s not on MP jet ;) ☆
  LULU Designs Product: Features 
  • LULUs personal Designs from me 2 you ;)
  • High Quality Textures & Design
  • 1 LULUs Sweater Dries + 1 underPies
  • 1 Sculpted flexible Zipper
  • 2 Sizes of the SweaterDries Bottom pies Modify/ Copy/ No transfer
  • 1 Per Sculpted Higheels
  • 1Per Sculpted Legwarmers
  • 1 LULUs Sexy Sound AO
  • No Modify/ No Copy / No transfer
  • Plies late me now if there is any problems ;) With LOVE form your LULU

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