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onsdag den 10. juli 2013

            Hej this is my ( F Not ? ) set :D
            This is a really nice set with my
            2 Tops ( F U F ME ) & ( WHY Not )
            Under the Top you wear The nice Black ShortStrapPants :D
            I Simply love the High Quality Leggings Socks ;D
           The BubbleGum Expands just like a RL one
           And my Classic hot HighHeels, & the sexy sound AO :D 
           it makes Sexy HigHeels sound when you work, run, and stop :D

           LULU Designs Product: Features
          2v Tops
         1Pr Leggings Socks
         1 BubbleGum
         1 ShortStrapPants
         1Pr LULUs Classic Hot HighHeels (L&R)
         1 LULUs Star Skin HUD
         1 LULUs sexy sound AO
         copy ✖- mod ✖- trans ✖
Kiss kiss :D

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